Closeup of harvested green aspargus lying on old wood surface

Closeup of harvested green aspargus lying on old wood surface
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Child lying down on jetty, looking at reflection

This image is all about childhood fun by the water. Showing a child lying down and playing with her own reflection on an old wooden jetty on a warm summer day. It tells the story of lazy summer days by a lake and how to spend a relaxed holiday close to nature. It is both a moment of contemplation and stillness as well as adventure and imagination. This stock photo can be used in print or social media to describe a fun and relaxed lifestyle moment with a child exploring nature.

Looking at your own reflection

One part of this picture shows concepts like childhood, lifestyle and being close to nature. Another part speaks about reaching out and connecting. This stock image can be used for concepts like childhood, positive nature experience, environmental awareness or nature vacation.

Jetty, summer and water

The girl with the red sun hat is lying down on a wooden jetty and looking down into the water of her own reflection. She is reaching out her hand, which almost touches the water surface. The image is composed for copyspace on the side. It is a lifestyle image of childhood adventure showing that the little things in life can be great fun.

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