Little girl cutting letters of the alphabet with scissors
Stock Photo - Portrait of happy man with billiards cue
Stock Photo - Adult hand reaching for child drawing of a rainbow. Symbolic and conceptual image of hope, childhood and aspirations
Stock Photo - Nostalgic retro styled portrait of serious woman with old fashioned binoculars
Pregnant woman sitting in an office looking troubled
Stock Photo - Little girl holding heart shaped cookie cutter in her hands. Conceptual image of childhood, love and affection
Portrait of a young woman with a band-aid on her nose
Stock Photo - Silhouette of little child with raised arm. Conceptual image of childhood fears, abuse and safety of children
Stock Photo - Little girl holding a bicycle helmet in her arms. Conceptual image of safety and protection for children learning to ride a bike
Young man and woman jumping and doing a high five greeting
Stock Photo - Young woman with cool attitude standing on leather armchair with bare feet.
Stock Photo - Portrait of anxious young adult male wrapped in transparent plastic. He is looking sad, shy and discontent.
Stock Photo - Side view portrait of little girl in dress with flowers. She is sitting on a chair, lokking down with a pensive expression
Pregnant woman holding hands on her belly
Stock Photo - Woman with umbrella at Sergels Torg in the center of Stockholm, Sweden
Stock Photo - Woman lying down and holding a knife in a firm grip
Woman with a pill on her tongue
Woman with red pants
Little girl helping her mother in the garden
Young man in urban setting
Woman looking down and holding a Teddy Bear.
anger and frustration in a relationship.
Stock Photo - Young man and woman listening in a tin can phone. Conceptual image showing lack of communication and listening in a relationship.
Young man talking in a tin can phone and woman listening.
Young woman with red hair holding hands in front of face.