Vego & Vin

In the sequel to Smak Peter Streijffert continue to combine food and wine. This time all of the recipes are vegetarian.

Vego & Vin is the ultimate guide for the reader that would like to explore the world of vegetarian food combined with wine and discover new bold ingredients like algae or nettles.


In this cookbook Peter Streijffert shows us how to combine the flavors of different ingredients. He also discusses how to pick the right wine for your food.

Smak is full of vegetarian recipes, tips and tricks when you want to barbecue fruit and veggies as well as guidance when you have a hard time finding the right wine for your everyday pasta dishes.


A variety of traditional Swedish cookies photographed for PostNord. The pictures were produced for different kinds of promotion materials, all used for a collection of stamps featuring cookies.

Odla för köket

A cookbook with a lot of tips showing you how to grow your own vegetables. It doesn’t matter if you have a big garden, a balcony or just a kitchen window. In Odla för köket you learn how to start with your own herbs and vegetables and how to cook them.


In the cookbook Matduellen the chef Peter Streijffert shows us a way of life where you never have to buy another TV-dinner. Make your own lunch or dinner boxes with nothing but healthy ingredients.

The book is packed with great recipes that beats the frozen meals you buy in a supermarket when it comes to cost, nutrition and taste.