Hands of little girl holding plastic yellow bird
Stock Photo - Feet and legs of woman sitting on bench in a park, she is holding her hands on her knees
Stock Photo - Adult hand reaching for child drawing of a rainbow. Symbolic and conceptual image of hope, childhood and aspirations
Stock Photo - Little girl holding heart shaped cookie cutter in her hands. Conceptual image of childhood, love and affection
Portrait of a young woman with a band-aid on her nose
Stock Photo - Silhouette of little child with raised arm. Conceptual image of childhood fears, abuse and safety of children
Stock Photo - Young woman with cool attitude standing on leather armchair with bare feet.
Stock Photo - Portrait of anxious young adult male wrapped in transparent plastic. He is looking sad, shy and discontent.
Stock Photo - Woman lying down and holding a knife in a firm grip
Woman with a pill on her tongue
Woman with red pants
Young man in urban setting
Woman looking down and holding a Teddy Bear.
One tree on hill and blue sky with copy space
Tranquil nature scene with jetty and reed.
Rock and water in sepia
Young woman with red hair holding hands in front of face.
Hand of woman holding a flute.
Young man standing by a tree in the woods.
Young woman holding a rose in her hands.
Silhouette of man holding an umbrella.
Man in front of yellow bus
Hand of man holding two tulip flowers
Young woman biting her fingernail
Little girl in chair hiding face behind a hat