Stock Photo - Close up of child hands holding three pacifiers. Little girl showing her dummy collection.
Stock Photo - Silhouette of little child holding up hands. Conceptual image of childhood fears, abuse and safety of children.
Hand of man holding two tulip flowers
Riding a bike in the snow
Stock Photo - Still life with two forks, close up. Conceptual image of togetherness, love and intimacy
female mannequin and modern urban architecture
Detail of clock hands with white background.
Life Preserver and Ice Cap
Two empty chairs by a lake
Dead rat lying on street
Young woman in red dress holding a wineglass with milk
Baby girl behind net
Woman with sugar cube on her tongue
Silhouette of hand
Portrait of little girl wearing fun headband with balls. She is turned away from the camera showing her back
Legs and feet of young man in woods
Mother holding hand of baby
Three sailors in silhouette on sailship
Crowd of people in front of fire
blurred and dreamlike tree trunks and green grass
Hands holding and sheltering
Small single tree planted on empty green lawn
Emergency exit sign visible through the reflection of tree and sky on window surface
Red plastic heart hanging in mid air. Conceptual image of love, and romantic feelings
Set of metal measurement cups ranging from big to small