Two swans swimming in lake. Peaceful nature scene.
Tranquil nature scene of dark rocks in still water
Pine tree trunks and green grass in forest
small boat on fishing trip at night
Man in small boat on fishing trip at night
Damselfly insect with reflected image on glass window
Brown labrador retriever lying down and looking
Kitsch garden ornament, pink flamingo standing in garden
bee pollinating lavender flowers
Greylag geese standing in a meadow
White cow in close up looking at camera
Swedish countryside in summer with grazing horse
Wooden toy horse with a stick
Horse in nature, standing in front of forest
Cows drinking water in a green meadow
Cow in a green meadow grazing peacefully
Cattle in a green meadow looking at camera
Sheep in a green meadow grazing peacefully
White horses in nature on a sunny day
Horses grazing in meadow.
White horse grazing in meadow
Tranquil summer childhood. Legs of girl sitting by river.
Little girl running on dirt road in green summer landscape, Sweden
Little girl lying on jetty, looking down at the water and reaching for her own reflection, Sweden