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The perfect image collection for creative artists working with book design
or creative projects with the need for catchy, odd or a bit crazy images.

Stock photos that deliver a strong message

As a photographer I really enjoy the creative process of working with ideas and concepts. The aim I have for my pictures is to create simple and powerful stock photos with a clear message. I produce a variety of collections. Some are suited for book covers, some for advertising or promotional use while others are best suited for editorial work.

Clean and simple images

The best stock photos are those that show more than just good looking objects or people. They are a bit enigmatic and have a depth. It is pictures that are creative with a twist, something that makes it possible to use such an image in many ways. I find that a simple composition can give that kind of complexity to a picture. Simplicity is also a way to make stock photos stand out from the crowd. If you want your message to be seen in the avalanche of images that are published on internets social media channels you should opt for something that is easily read and recognized and at the same time have an interesting composition. That will do the trick.

Tell your story with great pictures

I have collected a small curated archive of my best stock photos. You will find a variety of subjects ranging from beautiful nature, animals and people to urban scenes and pictures suited for book covers. Hopefully you will find some interesting photographs with the power to deliver your story.

Images for creative projects

When you use concept stock photos in social media projects or to create a buzz for your new service it is not always easy to choose the picture that will have the biggest impact. What will stop your audience in their tracks? An image of something obvious but with a twist or something really odd or different? Try both and run an A/B test.